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services-whitening-2Whitening is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in dentistry.  Teeth whitening can create confidence and improve your appearance and smile  Our office uses both customized whitening trays and professional strength whitestrips.

Teeth Whitening

It's safe effective and fast, very fast. Your teeth will be dramatically whiter. The convenience of these in comparison to days of using strips or wearing trays makes it the perfect choice for the busy individual.

before-after-whiteningThe tray method involves having impressions taken from which laboratory fabricated custom trays are made. A carbamide peroxide gel is placed in these trays and the trays with gel are worn for about 30 minutes or longer, depending on sensitivity and whitening results. The entire process generally takes 3-4 weeks of daily use to achieve the desired result. Several different strengths of gel may be used, however the higher the strength the greater the likelihood of tooth sensitivity.  For maintenance of whitened teeth the trays should be used every several months.